The 3rd Person short Bio

Because it's mandatory, and we all sound more professional when we're described in the third person narrative.

Ghela is active in the fintech industry, having spent the last decade+ focused on business development for core insurance and banking system solutions, the last half of which was centered on financial services pricing governance functionality, which has leveraged her background in regulatory economics, cost modeling and rate of return regulation pricing models.

Ghela also founded FemTechGlobal to bridge the gender gap in fintech and the financial services industry. The FemTech network is built on the premise that diverse teams create better solutions, and embracing differences fosters creativity. Active in London, New York, Sydney and Singapore, FemTech partners with industry organisations to promote diversity and inclusion, and is a connecting platform for innovators and entrepreneurs.

She was named one of Brummel Magazine's 2016 30 Inspirational Women Innovators, and included in Innovate Finance's Women in Fintech Powerlist 2016.

She also sits on the Banking Technology Awards judging panel, and sponsors the Banking Technology Women In Technology (W.I.T.) Award, and is an advisory board member to several fintech institutions

Ghela is also a regular contributor to fintech publications, a frequent speaker at industry events. She is also Head of Fintech/Regtech Partnerships at Rainmaking, home of Startupbootcamp.

Just call me G

The name is Ghela. Like Stella, but with hard G. Like Guh-ella, but not as sweet as Nutella. Some will say Gayla, some Gala (I'm not a swank soirée waiting to happen, but it's a nice thought), and others will mumble whatever comes to mind. But let's make it simple, just call me G. After all, it's what my signature looks like because I'm too lazy to write out my name. You can be lazy, too. I prefer it.


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Occasionally people ask me to comment on the state of fintech. I have rather strong opinions. Fortunately, so do my fellow commentators.

The articles, the posts, the musings. The glasses are legit, they help me see the keyboard as I'm writing.

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